Sherpaa – Sherpaa

Your IT partner to the top

A team of IT engineers dedicated to your project: the technological tailor-made solution.

Single project, single team

All our teams are composed of 5 freelancers in order to obtain the best possible efficiency in the service of your project. We can deploy larger teams if necessary, that’s the technological tailor-made.

We invest more
and spend less

Our prices are competitive because we value the human being first and foremost, no more unnecessary expenses that do not create value.

Our freelancers are free to choose the missions they carry out, a freedom and a quality of professional life essential to a perfect job!

Freelance Only Web Agency
Collective Intelligence
Tailor made team
Only enthusiastics and inspired workers
Focus on their work only

How it works?

When you want to get the best, you need to find the best actors, tools and processes.

We communicate and organize ourselves around tools that offer agility and efficiency at all times. We are experts in the Agile method.

You will be guided at each step by your project manager, you will never be alone.

And as we are confident in our work, we offer a 3-month warranty for each project. 🙂

02We analyze this need and establish an agile planning and a budget (package)
01First contact with your project manager to understand your technical and business needs.
03We federate a team of 5 freelances dedicated.
04We deliver every two weeks a version of your project (sprints)
05Final Delivery when all sprints are completed

Lorenzo Nardiello

CEO – Founder

Thomas Sihapanya

CTO – Founder

Our team of experts

We are proud of our meticulously composed teams, our experts come from all over the world and allow us to share a gigantic know-how.

This know-how allows us to respond to all the technical problems that could be encountered.

18+ Developers

6+ Testers

6+ Technical Chiefs

6+ Project Managers

Our skills

Back-end & web : PHP, Java
Mobile native : Java, Android, Swift, Objective C (IOS)
Cross-platform mobile apps : Ionic, React Native, Expo
Front-end web : JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, CSS3 / LESS / SASS, HTML5
Desktop applications : C ++, C #, ElectronJS
Fabulous back-end frameworks : Spring, Laravel 5, Symfony 4
Fantastic front-end frameworks : Angular 7, ReactJS
Data Science and Analytics : Python, R, and Data visualization with d3, Highcharts, Leaflet
Using APIs : Payment API (Stripe, Paypal…) Google API and Social authentication methods, Elasticsearch
Making APIs: RESTful APIs, SOAP, GraphQL
Databases : SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server), NoSQL : MongoDB, various: Realm, Firebase
CI/CD : Gitlab, Jenkins, Travis

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